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The 2018 Midterm Elections are expected to draw records numbers of voters to the polls.  This excitement and passion for our democratic process is a good things.  We hope that this level of participation will endure throughout the coming years and that citizens will remain engaged in local issues.

Where to find Voting information

A favorite source of fair information about all the local elections and races can be found at the Austin League of Women Voters website.  Visit:

Another good information source is a website that will show you a ballot specific to your home address. Just enter your home address and your specific ballot will appear.  Caution, it may be as long as 50 pages. Visit:

Where to Vote

Early voting runs from October 22nd to November 2.  During early voting you can go to any polling location in Travis County.  Here is a  find a list of early voting locations for your review.  Travis County Early Voting Locations

Election Day:  Tuesday, November 6th from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  You do not have to vote in your home precinct.  Here is a list of precincts and your polling locations.

Bond Elections

This election cycle, Austin is being asked to vote on the largest bond package in the history of Austin. These general obligation bonds must be paid back through our property taxes.  It is important to read through each bond item before you vote.  Here is a City of Austin bond booklet that describes each bond. COA_2018-Bond_Booklet

Other Propositions

There is still more to vote on.  There are several propositions on the ballot as well.  The two most important ones are Prop J and Prop K.

Proposition J – Land Development Code.  This is a very important proposition that will ensure transparency in our development process.  To learn more click HERE. 

Proposition K – Efficiency Audit.  This is one of the most important items to vote on this cycle.  Click HERE for more detail on this initiative.

Please exercise your right and privilege to VOTE.





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