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Determined to End Runaway Property Taxes

(Austin, TX September 10, 2018) – Small business owner, farmer and musician, Todd Phelps announced his run for the 2018 Mayoral Election.  This is his second run, where in 2014 he captured 10% of the vote.

Citing outrageous property taxes, corporate giveaways, red-tape regulations and the nonsense at City Hall as the primary motivation for his mayoral run.  Phelps promises that under his leadership City Hall will focus on holding down taxes and finding practical affordability and mobility solutions for Austin.

“Under Steve Adler, property taxes have risen faster than any time in Austin history”, said Phelps “Our people are losing their homes while City Hall is giving away corporate incentives.”

Phelps noted that the City’s most recent land giveaway for a sports stadium as one of many Adler-era disappointments.  Austin has grown into a world class city, easily attracting corporate scouts, sports and entertainment brands. Instead of bribing them with subsidies and incentives, we should be selective and search for new companies that add to our business ecology.

Phelps, more conservative than the current administration, is tired of watching elected officials debate and craft ordinances that sounds good, but ultimately do nothing.  Phelps intends to focus on the things that matter to Austin, beginning with affordability, basic services, and an effective and efficient city government.

As a small business owner, Phelps has seen the effects of Austin’s crippling property taxes first hand across neighborhoods and business districts. As he watches the exodus of native Austinites, and the shuttering of landmark businesses, Phelps is deeply concerned about the loss of our unique culture and the rising barriers to opportunities. He sees young entrepreneurs and small business owners struggling to keep up with rising rents, as well as musicians and artists leaving town in search of “the next Austin.”

“It’s time for a change of direction,” Phelps said. “We need a targeted strike at our property taxes. We need real and practical solutions for Austin, that foster the renegade culture of makers, creators, and innovators that defines us as a city. We need a change agent now.”

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